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Goggle Graffiti Special

Goggle Graffiti tags make great gifts! Take advantage of three special offers: 3 tags for $20 (use coupon code 3for20), 6 tags for $40 (use coupon code 6for40), and 9 tags for $60 (use coupon code 9for60). These offers are not valid on Snow ID tags.

Get “Tagged” with Goggle GraffitiTM

*Patent Pending

This season hit the slopes with Goggle GraffitiTM tags for your goggle strap. These colorful tags are a great way to personalize and ID your equipment with style or promote your favorite skiing/snowboarding team, ski resort or ski school.

Snowboarding or skiing, Goggle GraffitiTM tags your identity and interests for everyone to see. Skiers and snowboarders spend hours standing in lift lines staring at the back of the person in front of them. Why not take advantage of that time to identify yourself or advertise your business? Goggle straps are like a billboard on the slopes!

Goggle GraffitiTM allows you to:

  • Personalize and ID your goggles with unique graphics
  • Promote your ski resort/business with logos and website URLs
  • Protect your goggles long-term from loss with identification
  • Provide the perfect souvenir for both kids and adults

Whether you’re shreddin’ the gnar or just having a knarley time at your favorite resort this winter, you can chillax and know your goggles are tagged and secure with Goggle GraffitiTM.